Hong Kong FIR is participating in the Guest Controller Approval policy since 26 July 2015.

XE Division now participates the GCA programme according to IVAO Regulations T.2.

Any users who wants to control in Hong Kong (HK) within the XE Division has to apply for an approval.

For an approval the following requirements apply:

  1. The user must be able to perform ATC duties in English language.
  2. The user must have knowledge of the LOA of the position requested.
  3. The user must have knowledge of the local procedures applied in the Division.
  4. A theoretical check of the local procedures will be performed for TWR or below ATC positions.
  5. A practical examination (checkout) will be performed for positions above TWR.
    1. An ADC exam will be conducted for APP / DEP, and an APC exam for CTR position.
    2. Please book an exam time slot from the Training / Exam Registration Form.
    3. The rules and traffic standards will be identical to those stated in IVAO practical examination.
    4.      Pass MC testAllowed to control TWR or belowPass ADC practical testAllowed to control APP or belowPass APC practical testAllowed to control CTR or below
  6. The division reserves the right to conduct further practical check after a user has obtained the GCA.
  7. The behavior of the user, especially in respect to other users, must be in accordance with IVAO and Division spirits.
  8. The GCA will be shown in the user’s profile. It is only shown by division (XE), however the member has to adhere to region and level restrictions. Such records are kept internally within IVAO XE staff team. Members can approach the staff team should they want to confirm their own GCA.
  9. The GCA can be withdrawn at any time by Division HQ if the requirements are not met any more.

User minimum rating:

  1. Users must be at least ADC rated to apply for GCA.
  2. Users must be at least APC rated to apply for an APC practical checkout for CTR controlling.

GCA coverage:

  1. The GCA is only applicable to one specific region, instead of the whole division.
  2. Non XE Division members will have to go through the above procedures again if the user wishes to apply for another region’s GCA.
  3. XE Division members can only control in their home region (or as requested by the member should he / she does not belong to either region).
    1. Controlling in other regions of the division requires going through the above GCA procedure identical to non XE Division members.

List of GCA restricted positions in XE Division

RegionFIR InvolvedEffective Date
HKVHHK26 July 2015

Before you apply GCA in our division ………………….
Where can I get the airspace information and guidelines for ATC?

You can refer to our ATC INFO to gather the most important airspace information in XE Division.


Procedures to apply GCA in XE Division

1. Make sure you have studied and understood the ATC Dashboard.

2. Access to your appropriate quiz region.

Hong Kong Quiz Philippines Quiz

Start the quiz only if you have at least an ADC license

3. You have 30mins to answer 30 questions with 85% passing rate.

4. Your GCA license will be granted after you have passed the required quiz.

5. If you failed, request for a new attempt by email to xe-dir@ivao.aero & xe-tc@ivao.aero

Note: If you failed in the quiz and the correct answer rate is less than 60%, request for the next attempt of the quiz is not allowed within 15 days.