IvAc – IVAO ATC Client

The IVAO ATC Client, known as IvAc, is a stand-alone program specifically developed for IVAO, based on the real radars of Belgocontrol, Eurocontrol and Amsterdam Radar, which allows you to control on the network.

IVAC Sector File Status

IVAC1 Sector File - Download below
IVAC2 Sector File - Download on client menu
IVAC3 Sector File - Download on client - PVD - Sector Menu
Other FIRs
RJJJ2015NilLive c/o IVAO-HQ
Mainland China2019NilLive c/o IVAO-HQ


IVAC3 – Aurora

IVAC3 is the most brand-new ATC Client Software released in December 2019!

Download yours now at the following link:



IVAC2 Testing has now been extended to all registered IVAO members.

As this is an on going development, in order for you to always get the latest version of the software, we kindly ask that you visit the Terminal2 Solutions website.


IvAp – IVAO virtual Pilot client

The IVAO Pilot Client, known as IvAp, is a plug-in which allows flight simulation programs to connenct to the IVAO network using the following simulators:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 / X
  • X-Plane 8 / 9 / 10
  • Prepar3D

IvAp enables pilots to effectively communicate with ATC units and automatically switch communication frequencies.

Squawk codes, transponder mode and METAR information, SELCAL are also some of the many features available to the pilot through IvAp.

IvAp v3 – Altitude

Altitude is the most brand-new Pilot Client released in December 2019!
Download yours now at:
Documentation Download

Webeye – Online IVAO Radar

IVAO WebEye is a web-based tool to display all current activity on the IVAO Flight Simulator network.

You may find the Hong Kong FIR plugin with these features:

  • Hong Kong SIDs, STARs and approach (07 / 07 Night / 25)
  • Hong Kong Terminal Transition Routes
  • Macau SIDs, STARs and approach
  • Macau / Shenzhen / Guangzhou TTRs (J101, J103, J104)
  • Holding Patterns
  • FIR boundary & Nearby Airways

Webeye Radar Plugins

Mobile App – IVAO into the sky / SimRadar

Use this tool to have a quick view on who is online in the IVAO network and which airports are stuffed.

This version supports:
– Show ATC and pilots online
– Map View

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