Department Roles

Division HQ act as a “fill in” for any vacant coordinator.

Staff Application Process

Staff Policy and Regulations

Application Requirements

9.11 Divisional staff should be at least 18 years old, however, can be appointed at age 16 provided that the Division Director accepts full responsibility for their actions.
9.12 Prospective staff members must be an active IVAO member for at least 6 months prior to appointment.
9.13 Prospective staff members must have at least Aerodrome Controller or Private Pilot rating. (Except for WM/AWM/PR, and MC/MAC require minimum Advanced ATC Trainee or Advanced Flight Student rating.)
9.14 Prospective staff members must have sufficient knowledge for the desired staff position.
9.15 Staff members must be able to devote at least 5 hours per week to their position.
9.16 New divisional staff members shall be “On Trial” for at least 1 month. If a divisional staff member is moving from one position to another, the “On Trial” period may be waived.
9.19 Staff members must be able to speak and read/write English.
9.21 Staff members are automatically subscribed to IVAO staff mailing lists and are required to check the IVAO forum on a regular basis.

Please ensure that you comply and agree with the staff policy and regulations before applying for a staff position.

To apply for any vacancy position, email to HK-DIR/ADIR with your experience, background and any relevant information.

East Asia Region Staff List

最後更新日期 Last updated: 12 January, 2019


Division HQ

XE-DIRDirector總監Jacky WanEmail
XE-ADIRAssistant Director副總監

Operations Coordinators

XE-FOCFlight Operations Coordinator飛行事務主任
XE-AOCATC Operations Coordinator航空交通管制事務主任

Training Coordinators

XE-TCTraining Coordinator訓練主任Ka Wai LeeEmail
XE-TACTraining Assistant Coordinator訓練副主任Gary LawEmail
XE-TA1Division Training Advisor 1訓練顧問 1Willie YipEmail
XE-TA2Division Training Advisor 2訓練顧問 2Hsueh Yao TsaiEmail
XE-TA3Division Training Advisor 3訓練顧問 3Younghun Choi
(On Trial)

Membership Coordinators

XE-MCMembership Coordinator會員事務主任Timothy WongEmail
XE-MACMembership Assistant Coordinator會員事務副主任Ka Hei ZhengEmail
XE-MA1Membership Advisor 1會員事務顧問 1HyeonSeok Lee
(On Trial)

Events Coordinators

XE-ECEvent Coordinator活動統籌主任Ka Wai LeeEmail
XE-EACEvent Assistant Coordinator活動統籌副主任Timothy WongEmail

Web Development

XE-WMWebmaster網站工程師Clark ChenEmail
XE-AWMAssistant Webmaster網站工程助理Yenwei LinEmail

FIR Chiefs

VHHK-CHHong Kong FIR Chief香港飛行情報區主任Ka Hei ZhengEmail
RCAA-CHTaipei FIR Chief台北飛行情報區主任Hsueh Yao TsaiEmail
RKRR-CHIncheon FIR Chief仁川飛行情報區主任Younghoon Choi
(On Trial)